Community-Leadership (South West)  is a Devon-based specialist consultancy and service provider to those public sector organisations and enterprises whose role is to serve the community.  
Our principle is that organisations can improve their own reputation, efficiency, and effectiveness by fully engaging with, and assisting, the communities around them, and by having a robust and transparent approach. This is of mutual benefit to the organisation and the community.
Typically we can work with Local Authorities (County, Unitary, District, Town or Parish), Schools, Health service, Housing Associations, uniformed services, and larger community sector organisations. 
With extensive senior management experience in the Public Sector (but also an understanding of commercial principles and community organisations) we can help if you need the following:

Need some occasional strategic work undertaken without diverting resource from day to day operations?

Want wider local representation in feedback and consultation?

Need temporary capacity to handle a new requirement or opportunity?

Need someone effective to temporarily 'hold the ring' for you, and your interests (or interim management)?

Need someone knowledgeable to independently assess a complex situation?

Need help to set clear and deliverable plans for the future which will truly deliver for your community?

Need to ensure approaches to community groups or community assets are in tune with the way the community needs them?

Need to ensure governance arrangements are 'fit for purpose' in representing and working with the community?

Transferring assets that should be managed at a more local level?

Help to ensure that in transferring assets or services, there will be proper risk management, governance and financial sustainability for the future?

Some parts of your community need assistance in developing?

An 'outsider’s view' and some innovative approaches could help to break you out of a rut?


Our services are bespoke and flexible.  We will work with you to provide what you need, we don't rely on a single set of tools, or rely on jargon and technology.
Our Services are in line with the principles of Big Society and Localism 
We are a very small Devon business in tune with the particular needs of the South West, and rural locations generally.  Low overheads and insight into the needs of different sectors keep our prices competitve and we can offer some introductory prices.  Please click onto 'Services for Public Bodies' below and see if we can help you.
Our general ethos is set out in 'About us'.  We are a 'social purpose organisation'.
See also our sister company at www.groundbeats.co.uk .  This linked organisation provides services for smaller voluntary and community groups.